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Community Garden


It’s not easy to garden in a mask, but these parishioners didn’t want to miss a year of contributing fresh-grown vegetables to local soup kitchens and community groups. Thank you Andrea, Jean H, Jean R, Liz, Sue and Steve. (May 2020)

Blessing the Community Garden on Rogation Sunday

Pentecost Sunday

The purpose of our garden is to provide healthy, organically-grown vegetables to local soup pantries, community groups, and our own members; to teach our members, especially our children, how food grows, how we are all linked to the earth, and how our bodies, souls, and community are nourished by a garden; to build a sense of community among our members; and to teach us all essential lessons about God’s abundant provision for our needs, the unity of the created order, and Christian hospitality.


The enthusiastic crew of gardeners, The Hot Tomatoes and Spice Peppers, always welcome new members, either with or without gardening experience.

Parsley and peas on their way to the soup kitchen

Mid June


Late July


Early August, here come the tomatoes

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