Consigning Terms & Conditions

1. Consignor receives 50% of sale proceeds at each quarter’s end. A $5.00 processing fee will be deducted quarterly from consignor earnings.


2. The Nearly New Shop reserves the right to price all items, have periodic sales, reject any item, and assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any item. Once priced, items will be reduced in accordance with our color-coded markdowns.


3. Intake forms are available at the shop or can be downloaded here and should be completed at home. 

Consignment contract

Clothing form

Jewelry form

Accessories/household items form

4. All items must be valued over $6, otherwise they will be considered a donation. No phone calls will be made to inform you of missioned items.

5. All clothing must be in current style, good condition, cleaned, pressed and on hangers. Each item should be thoroughly examined for stains and discoloration. 


6. All non-clothing items must be clean. Kitchen appliances must be in good working order. Batteries must be included with all battery operated items, including watches, otherwise items will be passed to our mission or considered a donation.

7. After 42 days expired merchandise becomes the property of the Nearly New Shop and may be sold or donated.

8. Consignor checks will be mailed quarterly within two weeks after the quarter closes. Checks will be voided after 90 days if not cashed and will be considered a donation to the shop.