Dear Saint Ann's Family,

As we look towards the celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, we are reminded of how our stories connect with the story of Jesus as told in Holy Scripture.  God's mission in bringing Jesus into the world was to restore and reconcile.  Jesus' followers then undertook this mission as they were sent by the Holy Spirit.


So, this is us, Saint Ann's Parish, disciples and apostles all, being moved by God's presence in our parish, in our church, in our lives, in our community, and in the world. 


While the period of transition following Marks' retirement may seem uncertain, like the Apostles, we must trust that God is with us and with Saint Ann's Parish.  It is our task, in collaboration with the Bishop, to determine what God is calling us to be.  We must have faith and trust that we are his people and that he will provide.  


Let us move forward with a positive attitude, with hope and confidence in each other and in our mission work, as we embark on this journey together. 


ECCT has provided us with suggested Spiritual Practices in a New Missional Age. 


Listening :  We listen to God by dwelling in God's Word, and in the stories of God in our lives and in our community. 


Discerning : As we hear from God and one another, we ponder how God might be calling us to take action in the world. 


Trying On : We experiment with new ways of joining in God's mission, trusting that God uses our failures as well as our successes. 


Reflecting : We wonder together about what God is up to in our lives and in the world. 


Deciding : We adopt new ways of being the Body of Christ as we listen, discern, try on and reflect. 


Let us reflect on these with open minds and hearts, pondering them to see how we can use them for the betterment of our parish as we prepare to celebrate Christmas together.   We will listen to God, we will hear new words and be open to new ways of thinking and doing; we will reflect on God's goodness and love, and decide on new ways of being.  


Thank you for embracing the change ahead and demonstrating your spirit of restoration and reconciliation. 


With great faith and thanksgiving that, together, we are in God's hands,


Alden, Laura Lee, Kathy and Charlie 


OLD LYME, CT 06371

© 2019 Saint Ann's Parish

The Episcopal Church in CT

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