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Welcome to Saint Ann's Parish

Welcome to Saint Ann’s Old Lyme, an Episcopal Church in Connecticut on the coasts of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. We have been a welcoming community in this landscape since 1883. 

We are in the time of COVID-19, and our lives have changed forever. It is a time to deepen our faith and stay connected.


The sign on our front yard reads, "The voice of prayer is never silent."  Prayer courses through us like the waters of the estuary on which we sit. Prayer is our lifeline to God and to one another. Prayer is as vital as the air we breathe and the water we drink.

In the midst of uncertainty and death, we know that love is contagious, and that resilience and hope are stronger than any fear of the unknown we possess. May our prayers this season of COVID-19 be our consolation and our faith be our strength and guide. In the words of Hymn 594, "God grant us the wisdom and courage for the facing of this hour, for the living of these days.”


Stay connected! Pray with us. 


The Rev’d Dr. Anita Louise Schell


Saint Ann's Mission Statement

We are a community of Christians,
open to all, who serve God in Jesus Christ through worship, education, mission and fellowship.

Parish Goals


Grow deep and wide in the love or our Lord; deepen ministries within our parish and expand ministries beyond our parish.

Spread the love of God in Jesus Christ in all aspects of communication: in person, one to one; in print, signage, social media, and marketing.

Explore and put in place a “right sized” model for our parish. In all aspects of our common life, develop a plan to “live within our means.”

Save the Dates

Antarctica in Photos

Sunday, June 11 at Noon


In the final weeks of 2022 I was truly blessed to travel to Antarctica. It is a unique and beautiful place - the only place in the world where no-one lives permanently. It is a place that belongs to no one and everyone. It is said that there are three Antarctica’s: biological - perhaps the most important biological barrier on earth; geopolitical - protected by the Antarctica Treaty, and spiritual - one who goes to Antarctica is forever changed. The photos I will be happy to share with you are a personal story of my adventure.


-The Rev. Patricia Hames


Griswold Gallery


Starting April 30th, there will be a new show in the Griswold Gallery. Artist Fred Verillo will hang his photography for your viewing pleasure. Meet Fred in his own words:


I am a self-taught photographer who has had an interest in photography from an early age. I earned my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, by selling chances door to door to neighbors in my hometown of New Britain, Connecticut.


I fulfilled my childhood dream when I moved to New York City in 1972. It wasn’t long before my love for photography merged with my fascination and excitement for the City and I began documenting the urban landscape I found so compelling.


In my mind’s eye, I saw the City in a different light when I discovered a parallel universe of color, patterns and shapes, light and shadows that I wanted to capture in photographic images.  

Through my work, I hope to present a subject in a unique and creative way that one would not have seen otherwise.


By 2018, I was ready to make a change, and I moved to the small Connecticut shore town of Old Lyme, where there is an abundance of natural beauty and creative precedence. Though my New York chapter has ended, my love for photography has not. And so, here and now, a world apart from then and there, I continue to portray how I see the world through the lens of my camera.

We're spreading the joy, electronically that is!


We’re pleased to announce that Saint Ann’s is now using Facebook and Instagram to share the joy and activities at church. If you are a user of either social media platform, we hope you will “follow” and “like” what we share and consider sharing it with others through your account. 


To see what we are up to:




We're always pleased to receive photographs or videos of Saint Ann’s activities for publication, so send them to Carol Carlson, Communications Liaison, at with a brief note of the event and anything else you wish to share. 


Event Calendar

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Caring For This Fragile Earth,
Our Island Home
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