A Message from Mother Anita

March 13, 2020


Dear friends in Christ: 

It is after much prayer and discussion with your Vestry and an abundance of caution that I am cancelling worship services at Saint Ann's until Rogation Sunday, May 17. This includes the Monday Way of Love class.  We will keep you updated through email notices.


We are following the best advice of health experts and being faithful to our Baptismal Covenant and our obligations as good citizens to take these necessary steps in our addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and national emergency.


Let us be leaders. And let us continue to pray and worship - in perhaps less familiar ways. Please be particularly mindful of those who live alone, checking in with them to insure they have what they need.  Phone calls are a great way to do this, particularly for those members of our parish who do not receive email. Thank you for caring for others as Christ taught us to do.


Beginning this Sunday March 15 by 8:30 am, I will have posted the Sunday worship service online to our website. This is an opportunity for us to try on a new form of worship! Let me know what you think.


As always, I am available by phone or email. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me about any questions, concerns and observations you have: cell: 401 688 0423, priest@saintannsoldlyme.org.


God bless you and keep you during this time.


Mother Anita

August 2019


Dear people of Saint Ann's,


Steve and I feel so welcome and profoundly grateful to you for your work on our behalf. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for the beautiful reception last Sunday and for your greetings. Here is an open invitation to visit us in the beautifully restored rectory (no vegetable or flower garden this summer, so those gifts of homegrown vegetables and flowers are particularly welcome our first summer with you).


One of the things I have learned in life (and keep learning) is that the simpler the question, the tougher the answer. It seems to be particularly true in our life as Christians. Try these out: Who is Jesus? Why does evil happen? What is salvation? What is the church? The less these questions are adorned, the more pressing they become. But it does not have to be this way. 


Let me try a simple question out with you. Taking my cue from Jesus in Sunday's Gospel let me make a question of his statement, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Ponder with me, "Where is your treasure?"  According to Jesus, "It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." If that is so, what is the hold up? It all relates to the treasure.


The unfailing treasure is eternal - God's kingdom, also found in the present moment. It's sort of a paradox - the treasure is eternal in God's kingdom - and the treasure is right now. We don't need to look, much less wait, for the treasure to come to us. Teresa of Avila, sixteenth century nun and female doctor of the church said it best, "The truth is that the treasure lies within our very selves." There's the insight to take back into the world. As I get to know you this summer, let's explore the treasures of Saint Ann's - the obvious ones and the ones yet to be discovered. I'm ready to go! 



Mother Anita


P.S. Thank you for continuing to wear your nametags. If this is a new custom for you, I am particularly grateful to you for wearing these tags which will help me and Steve (and other newcomers) get to know one another even more quickly.




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